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Established in 1996, our company initially commenced operations as a general contractor across diverse sectors. In 2006, we marked a significant milestone with the founding of El-Etimad Company for Medical Equipment and El-Etimad Scientific Bureau, the largest entities within our group. Since 2009, we have had the exclusive privilege of being the sole official representative for Elekta in Iraq. Our portfolio encompasses numerous projects, adeptly executed either as comprehensive turnkey solutions or through precise equipment installations in various Iraqi regions. Our expertise is primarily focused on delivering advanced healthcare solutions, particularly in the realm of radiotherapy. This includes a comprehensive suite of services encompassing supply, installation, maintenance, training, and operational management of the equipment.



Through our accumulated experience in the health sector, we have been able to provide complete solutions to our partners through turnkey projects and others, and we have a specialized team to manage projects from designs to treating the first patient and then continue to maintain and upgrade machines throughout their lifespan.

We believe that real success lies in the localization of engineering and clinical expertise in our team so that we can rely on providing our services inside Iraq without the need to resort to suppliers and be independent to offer the best service. This expertise will be part of the engineering team to ensure that the machines continue to operate regularly, and the training team will transfer knowledge to our partners working in the health sector.

Since oncology treatment is our main focus, we hope that Iraqi patients will receive the same therapeutic services provided in countries of the developed world and that knowledge and therapeutic expertise will be transferred to the country so that we can provide integrated services to our patients without resorting to traveling outside the country. Therefore, we are proud to be an active part in the process of providing radiotherapy to Iraqi patients.

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Why us

Being a distributor for solid global companies and through our partnerships with a wide network of suppliers, we ensure that we provide a comprehensive range of modern medical solutions, from diagnostic devices to linear accelerators. We realize that the field of healthcare is constantly evolving, so we continue to be at the forefront of developments to bring you the latest innovations.

Our Services



Supplying devices to the customer in accordance with their requirements and specifications from foreign companies.


Designs & Consultations

Designs with international standards, ensuring functionality and comfort for patients, visitors and workers.


Installations & Implementing

We have a local team licensed by foreign companies such as Elekta for the installation operations of linear accelerator devices, as well as a specialized team to provide other items.



Transferring the latest treatment methods through specialized trainers with long experience to our partners working in the health sector and developing their skills through external and on-site training.



Through a trained and certified team, the equipment is maintained periodically and malfunctions are repaired as quickly as possible.


Upgrades & Updates

Elekta devices are characterized by being upgradable throughout their operating life, which extends the life of the device and provides flexibility for the user in choosing specifications.

Field Study

Before the start of any project, we conduct a detailed field study to ensure that there are sufficient spaces and the appropriate location for the required equipment and to provide the most appropriate advice according to modern standards and local and international codes to avoid all errors after implementation begins.

Feasibility Study

We are ready to study the feasibility of the project, provide appropriate solutions for the client’s available budget, and provide advice according to the market study to reduce investment risks.

Some of Our Works

Baghdad Oncology Center

Baghdad Oncology Center

Maysan Cancer Treatment Center

Maysan Cancer Treatment Center

Our Clients

  • Ministry of Health
    Public Sector

    A long-term relationship and we consider ourselves partners of MOH.

  • Al-Andalus Private Hosptial
    Private Sector

    First Private Radiotherapy Hospital in Iraq.

  • Amal Al-Hayyat Hospital
    Private Sector

    The first hospital in Iraq to offer SRS/SBRT treatment in Iraq.

  • Al-Safeer Private Hospital
    Private Sector

    Based in Baghdad, offers advanced treatment techniques.

    Public Sector

    The main importer for the public sector in Iraq.

  • Ninava Governorate
    Public Sector
  • Wasit Governorate
    Public Sector

    Wasit Treatment Center which offers advanced techniques.

  • GMS
    Main Contractor

    One of the largest medical contractors in the Middle East.

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